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Having Fun Changing Your World

As I develop and grow, so does this site.

It was only this mid-July that it really sunk in what being happy really is all about; not just knowing it, but really getting it was a huge revelation for me, so right now I am concentrating on being happy, by living each moment with a sense of adventure and getting to know the inner me.

I understand now that you have to start 'living to be happy' and get into that zone where you feel sure of who you are now before you can really start 'having fun changing your world' by developing your Higher Self - the best of who we are.

A simple example of the Higher Self would be vegetarianism. We could say that we are born omnivores (with the ability to eat and break down in the body both vegetables and meat); however in order to be the most compassionate beings that we can be, it makes sense that we should unconditionally love all life, so does it therefore make sense to still eat other animals, when we are in a position that we do not need to, just because we can?

We as humans are in an exciting unique position. We have the ability to consciously decide to make decisions based on wholesome moral and ethical choices for ourselves and for others, rather than from our more primitive, animalistic and egocentric 'lower self'.

The Buddha named wholesome moral and ethical actions 'sīla', which means: to abstain from all actions, all words, and all deeds that harm ourselves or anyone/thing else.

This includes never lying, never hurting, and never playing emotional games with our own feelings or the feelings of others. He also gave some precepts which describe how an enlightened person lives. Check out this beautiful website I found on the precepts.

As I have mentioned previously, Jesus condensed all his teachings into one: Love your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind, and love your neighbour as you love yourself.

All spiritual teachers say our 'God' is unconditional love, and whereas some say our God is the Creator of everything, for many others our God is the unconditional love within ourselves - our Higher Self. Whatever you believe, the guideline on how to be morally and ethically compassionate is the same.

Asking ourselves questions such as 'should I eat other animals?' is an important question to ask, and the answer may be 'yes' and it may be 'no', but we should not just accept the answer from a society that encourages us to eat processed foods that are unquestionably terrible for us. Such questions are personal and individual and the answers should come from how you feel about your world deep inside you!

This comes back to the point that we have to first be in a good place ourselves, if we want to let that good broaden, widen and spread.

Really, we already know how to develop the best of who we are and how important that is for us, but we need to really get back into re-discovering who we really are in order to know to what extent and in what way we want to make that change happen. That is where I am at right now.

Through my videos and blog posts I will share with you all that I discover along the way, so this section in all its glory is still to come!

Please bare with me!